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Classes at Latin Steps are fun, informative and very rewarding. And there is a class to suit everybody.

Some classes allow for casual attendance and others are course based.

It's not necessary to pre-book for casual classes, however if you are unsure of which level class you should take, please feel free to contact us and have a quick chat.All course based classes require advanced bookings.


 Term 1, 2023 - COURSES, CLASSES AND PRIVATE LESSONS                                                                                        
    Term 1: Jan-March 2023
Mambo Divas 2023.jpg
with Elli Torres
  • Sundays, 6-7pm
  • Starts 15 January 2023
  • 15 week course
  • Cost $225
  • 10 Love St, Spring Hill
Choreography to be showcased at local parties & events.  
Performing is optional.

Limited spots! 


  CLASS LEVELS                                           

Suitable for all levels

Suitable for students that are new to Latin dancing. All foundation steps and techniques are covered at this level.

Suitable for students that have achieved confidence with fundamental and beginner level content.

Suitable for experienced dancers who feel confident with lead/follow technique and timing and are ready to work on more challenging techniques, movements and concepts.

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  CLASS COSTS                                                                                  

At Latin Steps we believe that you deserve the best tuition at the best price.

You get some of the best instructors that Brisbane/Australia has to offer at the most competitive price in town.


You can choose from the option that suits your schedule best:


  • - 1 casual class .....  $18

  • - 2 casual classes (for classes on the same night) ..... $25



Class cards can be used for any general classes (non-choreography class). 0

  • - 2 Month Card ........ $125 for 10 classes
      Must be used within 2 months ($12.50 per class)

  • - 6 Month Card .......... $160 for 10 classes
      Must be used within 6 months ($16 per class)

    Class passes are a great way to spend less.



  • - 1hr private lesson = $100


All class payments are made onsite at our studio reception desk in cash only.

  CLASS DESCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                                  




Salsa Beginners
This course is specifically designed to help you’ll learn the absolute fundamentals of Salsa. With a focus on timing, lead and follow technique, footwork and partnering skills. The majority of the course focuses on Salsa, but you will also get a taster of some other dance styles during the course (bachata, hustle, cha).


Salsa Improvers
In this class you’ll learn to lead and follow some essential Salsa moves. With a focus on timing, lead and follow technique, footwork and partnerIng skills, and combinations, you will feel a greater sense of flow and creativity in your Salsa dancing. This class is suitable for dancers that have taken some beginners Salsa classes, improver level dancers, and intermediate level dancers wanting to rediscovery and refine their Salsa technique.

Salsa Intermediate/Advanced
This class caters for all dancers at a lower intermediate level and above.
We focus on individual styling, partner dancing, smooth combinations, musicality, and so much more. This class is suitable for dancers that have taken beginners and improvers Salsa classes and would like to challenge themselves a little.




In our Beginner/Improver level Bachata classes you’ll learn the absolute fundamentals of Bachata. With a focus on timing, lead and follow technique, footwork and partnering skills, you will feel really confident to take your learnings to the social dance floor after a few classes. You will feel a greater sense of flow and creativity in your Bachata dancing. At the intermediate levels classes you will learn more advanced techniques, body movement, intricate patterns and footwork.

Technique / Fundamentals

This class focuses on general dance technique. You will cover essential skills that help your dancing across all styles. You will get to work on your spins, balance, body movement, foot placement, arm styling, flexibility, and so much more.

Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha was developed from the danzón-mambo. This class focuses on street style Cha Cha Cha and covers all aspects of the dance, including basic timing, partnering and connection, combinations and footwork.

Latin Huslte

Latin Hustle is said to have originated in the 1970‘s in New York City’s African-American
and Puerto Rican Bars. It is a partner dance, danced to retro disco music and modern pop music of the last 20 years. This class is currently an open/intro class and thus caters for dancers of all levels, especially suited for anyone just starting out with Latin Hustle.


In this class, you will learn the essentials of Brazilian Samba. It is a fun and energetic class, focused on a clear break-down of Samba steps and body movement. We explore technique to make your Samba look seamless, energetic, feminine and fast.




Take your dancing to greater heights with personalised instruction.   


Contact us to find out more about training with Brisbane’s elite dance team.


Get trained by multiple times Australian champions Carlos and Elli. Packages are available for competition dancers including music editing, choreographing and training.

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